This Week on Windows: Ignite, Windows Hello fingerprint readers and more

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of This Week on Windows! Read this week’s Windows 10 tip on how to enable the dark theme in Microsoft Edge, check out BIO-key’s new Windows Hello fingerprint accessories and catch up on all of this week’s news from Ignite.

Here’s what’s new in the Windows Store this week:

Forza Horizon 3 

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 brings the Horizon Festival to Australia – the most beautiful and diverse setting yet in the series. As boss of the Horizon Festival, you’ll have the power to decide when and where the festival expands, as you drive, jump, drift and race to earn millions of fans along the way. With gorgeous graphics and brand new ways to play, like four-player campaign co-op and Xbox Play Anywhere, Forza Horizon 3 is the ultimate open-world racing game. Head over here to read more!

Candy Crush Saga – Level 2000 – Free

Candy Crush

In the latest update to Candy Crush Saga, the carefree Candy Universe is in a panic over the pending arrival of level 2000. How will their world change? Get ready for a color-bomb kickoff, then work to collect 2 green, 20 blue and 200 purple candies in 50 moves or less.

Ghostbusters – Buy from $14.99


Thirty years after the original franchise debut, this beloved supernatural comedy is back with hilarious new characters. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth, Ghostbusters is one of the most talked-about movies of the year. Watch the extended edition of Ghostbusters, available in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store two weeks before Blu-ray.

The Powerful PC Software Collection in the Windows Store brings together rich, fully featured software titles for Windows 10

Powerful PC Collection

Every day, great new apps, games, music, movies and TV titles come to the Windows Store. Now, traditional PC software titles are making their way to the Windows Store, too, many of which enhanced with Windows 10 features such as Live Tiles and notifications to improve the user experience.

To see the latest full PC software titles available in the Windows Store, check out the new Powerful PC Software Collection. Here you’ll find apps like Evernote, which makes it easier to organize your professional projects – Photoscape,  a fun and easy photo editor, and Kodi, a media center that’s open-source, cross-platform and ready to be your entertainment hub for digital media and Home Theater PCs. And, for advanced simulator design, use the Virtual Robotics Toolkit, designed to enhance the LEGO Mindstorms experience – a great learning tool for classroom and competitive robotics.

Pinball FX2 – Marvel’s Women of Power Pack – Free


Two new tables pack powerful Super Hero punches in Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition. The new Marvel’s Women of Power Pack (2-table pack, $6.99) brings together the mightiest female Super Heroes and Super Villains in the Marvel Universe in two amazing new tables.

Have a great weekend!

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 3: Play Store and More

Posted by Hoi Lam, Developer

Today we’re launching the third developer preview of Android Wear 2.0 with a big new addition:
Google Play on Android Wear. The Play Store app makes it easy for users to find
and install apps directly on the watch, helping developers like you reach more

Play Store features

With Play Store for Android Wear, users can browse recommended apps in the home
view and search for apps using voice, keyboard, handwriting, and recommended
queries, so they can find apps more easily. Users can switch between multiple
accounts, be part of alpha
and beta tests
, and update or uninstall apps in the “My apps” view on their
watch, so they can manage apps more easily. Perhaps the coolest feature: If
users want an app on their watch but not on their phone, they can install only
the watch app. In fact, in Android Wear 2.0, phone apps are no longer necessary.
You can now build and publish watch-only apps for users to discover on Google

Why an on-watch store?

We asked developers like you what you wanted most out of Android Wear, and you
told us you wanted to make it easier for users to discover apps. So we ran
studies with users to find out where they expected and wanted to discover
apps––and they repeatedly looked for and asked for a way to discover apps right
on the watch itself. Along with improvements to app discovery on the phone and
web, the Play Store on the watch helps users find apps right where they need

Publish your apps

To make your apps available on Play Store for Android Wear, just follow
these steps
. You’ll need to make sure your Android Wear 2.0 apps set
minSdkVersion to 24 or higher, use the runtime
permissions model
, and are uploaded via multi-APK using the Play Developer
Console. If your app supports Android Wear 1.0, the developer
also covers the use of product flavors in Gradle.

Download the New Android Wear companion app

To set up Developer Preview 3, you’ll need to install a beta version of the
Android Wear app on your phone, flash your watch to the latest preview release,
and use the phone app to add a Google Account to your watch. These steps are
detailed in Download and
Test with a Device
. If you don’t have a watch to test on, you can use the
emulator as well.

Other additions in Developer Preview 3

Developer Preview 3 also includes:

  • Complications improvements: Starting with Developer Preview
    3, watch face developers will need to request
    before the watch face can receive
    complication data. We have added ComplicationHelperActivity to make
    this easier. In addition, watch face developers can now set
    default complications
    , including a selection of system data complications
    which do not require special permission (e.g. battery level and step count), as
    well as data providers that have whitelisted the watch face. Lastly, there are
    behavior changes related to ComplicationData to 1) help better
    differentiate various
    scenarios leading to “empty data”
    and 2) ease development by returning a default
    value for fields not supported
    by a complication type instead of throwing a
    runtime exception.
  • New WearableRecyclerView:
    This new UI component helps developers display and manipulate vertical lists of
    items while optimizing for round displays.
  • Inline
    Action for Notifications
    A new API makes it easy to take action on
    a notification right from the stream. Developers can specify which action is
    displayed inline at the bottom of the notification by calling setHintDisplayActionInline:

    NotificationCompat.Action replyAction =
        new NotificationCompat.Action.Builder(R.drawable.ic_message_white_24dp,
                "Reply", replyPendingIntent)
                .extend(new NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtender()
  • Smart
    Android Wear now generates Smart Reply responses for
    notifications. Smart Reply responses are generated by an entirely on-watch
    machine learning model using the context provided by the
    MessagingStyle notification, and no data is uploaded to the cloud
    to generate the responses.
  • And much more: Read about the complete list of changes in
    the Android Wear developer preview release


    We’ve gotten tons of great feedback from the developer community about Android
    Wear 2.0––thank you! We’ve decided to continue the preview program into early
    2017, at which point the first watches will receive Android Wear 2.0. Please
    keep the feedback coming by filing bugs
    or posting in our Android Wear
    community, and stay tuned for Android Wear Developer Preview 4.

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14936 for PC and Mobile

Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are excited to be releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14936 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

New Extensions in Microsoft Edge

We’re working with partners on adding new extensions and want our Insiders to try them out first! We have another new release which we need your help testing and giving feedback on before we publish to the general public: Turn Off the Lights is a lightweight and useful add-in designed for a more comfortable video experience. We also need some more help testing our other preview extensions: Tampermonkey is a popular userscript manager that lets users customize the content of pages across the web. Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant is your smart shopping cart across the web, which collects your browsed products and lets you get price alerts for saved products and compare products between sellers. You can install this at the links above and try them out on any Anniversary Update build – send feedback to the Feedback Hub or @MSEdgeDev on Twitter.

Authentication changes affecting connectivity to NAS devices and home file servers

After updating to the latest Insider Preview builds, you may have noticed that shared devices on your home network have disappeared from your home network folder. You may have also noticed your mapped network drives are not available. If you change your network to “private” or “enterprise”, it should start working again. For more information on this behavior change, see this Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Updates

WSL will install Ubuntu version 16.04 (Xenial) instead of Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) in an upcoming release. This change will apply to Insiders installing new instances (lxrun.exe /install or first run of bash.exe). Existing instances with Trusty will not be upgraded automatically. Users can upgrade their Trusty image to Xenial using the do-release-upgrade command. Full WSL release notes can be found here.

Other improvements and fixes for PC

  • We fixed the issue causing Narrator to continually speak the progress of a song e.g. update with the current time of the progress bar every second if you navigate to the progress bar while a song is playing in Groove Music.
  • We fixed the issue where using the tab key to navigate the Settings app wouldn’t work.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in Explorer.exe frequently crashing for some Insiders, particularly for those with multiple network switches.

Known issues for PC

  • Optional components may not work after upgrading to this build. To get it working again, go to “Turn Windows features on or off”, scroll down and check the right optional component and click ok.  After a reboot, the optional component will be enabled again.
  • Tencent apps and games will cause your PC to bugcheck (bluescreen).
  • Running sfc /scannow in an elevated command prompt will fail at 20% with the error “could not perform the requested operation.”

Other improvements and fixes for Mobile

  • We fixed the issue causing the pin pad to not be visible to unlock the phone even after rebooting the phone.
  • We fixed the issue where some phones lose the ability to use their SIM cards.
  • We fixed the mobile hotspot issue where it works the first time but subsequent attempts to use the feature won’t work until the phone is rebooted.
  • We fixed an issue causing some devices such as the Lumia 650 from failing to install a new build with Error 0x80188308.
  • We fixed the issue causing some build updates to fail with an 800703ed error code.
  • We fixed the issue where Action Center no longer closes if you swipe up on the empty space (area of Action Center that doesn’t show any notifications).
  • We fixed an issue where notifications were unexpectedly showing the app logo within the notification when viewed in Action Center.
  • We fixed an issue for devices that shipped with Windows Phone 8.1, such as the Lumia 930 and 1520, where if you plugged in a headset during an ongoing call, the audio would not be routed to the headset.

Known issues for Mobile

  • If you have your default storage set to a SD card for apps, installation of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat will fail with an error. As a workaround, set your default location to your device’s onboard storage.

Another very important reminder about build expiration

We want to continue to remind Windows Insiders about the upcoming expiration of old Insider Preview builds. Since September 15th, PCs running really old Insider Preview builds started to see build expiration notifications once a day. Starting on October 1st, these PCs will start rebooting every 3 hours and then on October 15th – these PCs will stop booting all together. If your PC is running one of these old Insider Preview builds, please make sure you update to the latest build available via Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. Build 14926 and newer has an updated expiration date of May 1st, 2017. If your PC is running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393) in the Slow and Release Preview rings today – this does not apply to you and you will not be notified of your build expiring.

New expiration date

Team Updates

Our team has been all over the world lately, enjoying meeting Windows Insiders globally and learning about their specific tech needs. This week, Director of Program Management, Windows Insider Program & OS Fundamentals (and our boss!), Bill Karagounis enjoyed meeting lots of our Windows Insiders at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. He addressed several audiences as he spoke about the year ahead for the program and our philosophy around Co-Creating with our Community. His talk was fittingly called CoCreate(Community) 🙂 #nerds4life

Bill at Microsoft Ignite

We worked with the wonderful Surface Smiths to record many of the interviews with the Windows Insiders and we will be sharing out these stories on our channels soon.

In another part of the world, Director of Quality, OS Fundamentals Bambo Sofola, Jeremiah Marble, Thomas Trombley and I spent the week in Lagos, Nigeria last week launching the #WINsiders4Good Fellowship – Lagos. While there, we also met with several key business and IT decision makers to understand the current landscape for tech usage in their companies as well as their goals for the coming year. From us they learned…the ways of the #NinjaCat.

#Ninjacat in Nigeria

We’ll have a lot more to share in the upcoming weeks about what we all learned on our global treks and what we’ll do with these learnings to build a better product for ALL of us.

Thank you everyone and keep hustling,
Dona <3

BIO-key’s Windows Hello fingerprint accessories now available at Microsoft Stores

We’re excited to announce that BIO-key International, Inc. has launched three new compact USB fingerprint reader accessories, available at Microsoft Stores and These devices enable you to login conveniently and securely to your Windows 10 PC with a simple swipe or touch. With Windows Hello* you can sign into your Windows devices in less than 2 seconds – that’s 3 times faster** than a password that you have to remember and type in; also, with Windows Hello and the Anniversary Update, you can now sign into compatible apps and Microsoft Edge websites***.

BIO-key SideSwipe Mini Fingerprint Reader – $39.99

BIO-key SideSwipe Mini Fingerprint Reader

EcoID Fingerprint Reader – $39.99

 EcoID Fingerprint Reader

SideTouch Fingerprint Reader – $39.99

SideTouch Fingerprint Reader

Visit your local Microsoft Store or to learn more about these new accessories.

* Windows Hello requires specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor or other biometric sensors and capable devices.
** Based on average time comparison between typing a password respectively detecting a face or fingerprint to authentication success
*** Limited to compatible websites and apps.

Search Ads Now Available

Search Ads is an efficient and easy way to promote your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad in the U.S., helping customers discover it at the very moment they are searching for apps to download. Designed to give users a safe search experience, Search Ads sets a new standard for delivering relevant ads while respecting user privacy.

Ads go live on the App Store on October 5. For a limited time, eligible developers can receive a $100 credit toward their first campaign when they sign up for Search Ads.

Forza Horizon 3 Available Worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

A new Australian automotive adventure has begun with the worldwide release of Forza Horizon 3, now available to play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs in all Xbox regions (except Japan, where it will be available on Sept. 29). Since the launch of the Ultimate Edition of the game last week, it’s been amazing to see the excitement and acclaim the game has created with early adopters.

Forza Horizon 3 brings the Horizon Festival to Australia – the most beautiful and diverse setting yet in the series. With gorgeous graphics and brand new ways to play, like four-player Campaign co-op and Xbox Play Anywhere, Forza Horizon 3 is the ultimate open-world racing game.

The game is now available in three different versions to fit every racer. The Standard Edition features the full version of the game with more than 350 different vehicles to choose from, and with the Deluxe Edition, you’ll get VIP membership and the Forza Horizon 3 Motorsport All-Stars Car Pack. The Ultimate Edition has everything from the Deluxe Edition, plus the Forza Horizon 3 Car Pass.

To celebrate the launch, we’ve got a number of livestream shows planned this week. First on Tuesday, Sept. 27, we’ll be joining Dave Mustaine and Dirk Verbeuren from Megadeth as they play Forza Horizon 3 beginning at 12 p.m. Pacific over on the official Xbox Twitch channel.

Then, on our regular Tuesday Twitch stream, myself and John Schommer from the Forza Community Team will be playing Forza Horizon 3 starting at 1 p.m. Pacific. You can watch on our Twitch channel or over at the official Forza Beam channel!

The long wait is finally over and now Forza Horizon 3 is available to everyone. Read more over at Xbox Wire!

Announcing the winners of the Google Play Indie Games Festival in San Francisco; Indie Games Contest coming soon to Europe

Posted by Jamil Moledina, Google Play, Games Strategic Lead

Last Saturday, we hosted the first Google
Play Indie Games Festival
in North America, where we showcased 30 amazing
games that celebrate the passion, innovation, and art of indies. After a
competitive round of voting from fans and on-stage presentations to a jury of
industry experts, we recognized seven finalists nominees and three winners.

Presented by Greg Batha
Bit Bit Blocks is a cute and action-packed competitive puzzle game. Play with your friends on a single screen, or challenge yourself in single player mode. Head-to-head puzzle play anytime, anywhere.
Presented by Kaveh Daryabeygi, Wombo Combo
Numbo Jumbo is a casual mobile puzzle number game for iOS and Android. Players group numbers that add together: for example, [3, 5, 8] works because 3+5=8.
Presented by Chetan Surpur & Eric Rahman, Highkey Games
ORBIT puts a gravity simulator at the heart of a puzzle game. Launch planets with a flick of your finger, and try to get them into orbit around black holes. ORBIT also features a sandbox where you can create your own universes, control time, and paint with gravity.

Finalist nominees:

Antihero [coming later in 2016]
Presented by Tim Conkling
Antihero is a “fast-paced strategy game with an (Oliver) Twist.” Run a thieves’ guild in a gas-lit, corrupt city. Recruit urchins, hire thugs, steal everything – and bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. Single-player and cross-platform multiplayer for desktops, tablets, and phones.
Armajet [coming later in 2016]
Presented by Nicola Geretti & Alexander Krivicich, Super Bit Machine
Armajet is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that pits teams of players against each other in fast-paced jetpack combat. Armajet is a best in class mobile game designed for spectator-friendly competitive gaming for tablets and smartphones. Players compete in a modern arena shooter that’s easy to learn, but hard to master.
Norman’s Night In: The Cave [coming later in 2016]
Presented by Nick Iorfino & Alex Reed, Bactrian Games
Norman’s Night In is a 2D puzzle-platformer that tells the tale of Norman and his fateful fall into the world of cave. While test driving the latest model 3c Bowling Ball, Norman finds himself lost with nothing but his loaned bball and a weird feeling that somehow he was meant to be there.
Presented by David Fox, Double Coconut
Parallyzed is an atmospheric adventure platformer with unique gameplay, set in a dark and enchanting dreamscape. You play twin sisters who have been cast into separate dimensions. Red and Blue have different attributes and talents, are deeply connected, and have the ability to swap bodies at any time.

Finalists nominees and winners also received a range of prizes, including Google
I/O 2017 tickets, a Tango Development kit, Google Cloud credits, an NVIDIA
Android TV & K1 tablet, and a Razer Forge TV bundle.

Indie Games Contest coming to Europe

We’re continuing our effort to help indie game developers thrive by highlighting
innovative and fun games for fans around the world. Today, we are announcing the
Indie Games Contest for developers based in European countries (specific list of
countries coming soon!). This is a great opportunity for indie games developers
to win prizes that will help you showcase your art to industry experts and grow
your business and your community of players worldwide. Make sure you don’t miss
out on hearing the details by signing up
for updates.

As we shared at the festival, it’s rewarding to see how Google Play has evolved
over the years. We’re now reaching over 1 billion users every month and there’s
literally something for everyone. From virtual reality to family indie games,
developers like you continue to inspire, provoke, and innovate through
beautiful, artistic games.

Windows 10 Tip: Enable the dark theme in Microsoft Edge

Today’s Windows 10 tip is all about enabling the dark theme in Microsoft Edge. Earlier we shared how you can personalize your PC by enabling the dark theme, but did you know you can enable that theme in Microsoft Edge, too?

You can switch Microsoft Edge from its default light theme to the dark theme – perfect for low-light conditions such as working at night.

Here’s how to enable the dark theme in Microsoft Edge:

Enable the dark theme in Microsoft Edge

To enable the dark theme in Microsoft Edge only, simply open Microsoft Edge, then go to the top right corner and click on the three dots. Scroll down to settings and, under “Choose a theme,” click “dark.”

Have a great week!

New Windows 10 and Office 365 features for the secure productive enterprise

Today I am pleased to join Scott Guthrie and Satya Nadella at Ignite, the largest IT conference in the industry with more than 20,000 attendees. It’s an exciting time to be in IT, with the modern workplace creating a major shift in the way people work. Information is abundant, experiences and data must easily move across multiple devices, and collaboration is critical as the workforce becomes more mobile and more global. At the same time, security has never been more challenging as attacks have become more advanced and targeted, with the average data breach costing $12 million and costing an estimated $3 trillion in lost productivity by 2020.

To help businesses take advantage of the modern workplace while protecting their greatest assets, Microsoft has invested in enabling the digital transformation of business – helping connect employees and optimize operations with enhanced productivity in secure environments. To aid their digital transformation, starting on October 1 businesses can get the Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE), with Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), with the flexibility to deploy either on-premise or in the cloud.

With more than 400 million monthly active devices now running Windows 10, enterprises are moving faster than ever to the most secure Windows.

“Windows 10 is the first operating system to deliver a completely integrated mobile and cloud experience to our entire workforce. It’s the only operating system that can unlock the full potential of our employees, while still providing the security and control we require to operate our company.”

— Mike Macrie, Land O’Lakes CIO

Combined with the 70 million commercial monthly active users of Office 365 and Azure Active Directory in EMS protecting 1 billion logins each day, customers like Expedia, Goodyear, and Facebook are already taking advantage of these technologies.

Today our security offering gets even stronger, delivering even more value for SPE customers, with the introduction of Windows Defender Application Guard – which makes Microsoft Edge the most secure browser in the enterprise –  and the expansion of our Advanced Threat Protection technology across Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 for complete protection across endpoints and in the cloud.

“We chose Windows 10 because of the myriad of enhancements; from faster boot & login times, security offerings, and mobile friendly enrichments. Modern technologies such as BitLocker, Credential Guard, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection offer end-to-end security features that promote mobility while reducing worry.”

— Armand Campo, Director, IT Systems, Expedia

Announcing Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge

Since we released Microsoft Edge, we have been making continuous improvements with hundreds of new features and security enhancements to deliver the fastest and safest browser. While Microsoft Edge has the lowest number of vulnerabilities of any major browser on Windows, any vulnerability in the browser is a risk for businesses that must protect their networks and data from increasingly sophisticated and targeted threats.

Today we announced a new addition to the extensive Windows 10 security stack with a revolutionary security improvement to Microsoft Edge. Windows Defender Application Guard uses virtualization-based security technology to protect against advanced attacks coming from the Internet, helping to protect the enterprise’s devices, employees, data and even their corporate networks. This level of protection has never been more important, as the majority of attacks start in the browser.

Unlike other browsers that use software-based sandboxes, which still provide a pathway for malware and vulnerability exploits, Microsoft Edge’s use of Application Guard isolates the browser and employee activity using a hardware-based container to prevent malicious code from impacting the device and moving across the enterprise network. This robust security service helps protect enterprises from malware, viruses, vulnerabilities, and even zero-day attacks. Once enabled, enterprise administrators can configure a trusted network site list policy and distribute the group policy to any devices it wishes to protect with Application Guard. Even if an untrusted site successfully loads malware, the malware is unable to reach beyond the isolated container to steal data or permanently compromise devices or the network. Once the employee exits their Microsoft Edge browsing session, any malware is erased, preventing further attacks.

With Application Guard, Microsoft Edge becomes the browser standard for the enterprise and Windows 10 becomes the first operating system to ship this type of technology alongside a browser. It will become available to Windows Insiders in the coming months and roll out more broadly next year.

Combining Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Intelligence Graphs

We recently released Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP), a cloud-based service to help enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks. WDATP is powered by a combination of Windows behavioral sensors, cloud based security analytics, threat intelligence, and by tapping into the Microsoft Security Graph.

WDATP is already protecting hundreds of customers such as Emirates Airlines, Humanitas, Cellcom, Avanade, and Pella across more than 800,000 endpoints.

“The information our team is able to obtain through Windows Defender ATP is nothing short of impressive. When we need easy to read forensic data, it does a perfect job of giving us timelines at impressive speeds. It’s an invaluable tool for greater visibility into our environment.”

— Daniel Betz, IT Security Engineer, Union Bank & Trust

Today, we’re introducing threat intelligence sharing between WDATP and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, enabling IT to investigate and respond to security threats across Windows 10 and Office 365 more efficiently. By combining the intelligence of WDATP and Office ATP, the Microsoft Security Graph, which analyzes over 300 billion authentications processed per month, 200 billion emails for malware and phishing, and one billion Windows device updates – gets even more robust.

Now, IT can identify and follow the complete chain of an attack from an email – to across the network -with detailed timelines and analysis. This real-time access and product integration converts the time to investigate an incident from days or weeks to mere hours. And the comprehensive security intelligence from Microsoft and our industry partners, including FireEye iSight threat intelligence, puts all the information needed to investigate and respond in an easy, simplified interface with clear steps for remediation. It’s the most comprehensive and robust security solution available today.

New Windows 10 and Office 365 Features for the Secure Productive Enterprise

New Deployment Tools for Windows 10 Releasing Today

We want all of our customers to experience the most secure Windows and deploy today. Not only are Windows 10 customers seeing a 33% reduction in security issues, customer satisfaction is at an all-time high with organizations seeing many benefits – including installation reduced from 1 hour to 5 minutes.

“Windows as a service has reduced our operating system deployment time by 75%.”

— Dorothy Stephenson, Director, ITS Kimberly Clark

To help companies move even more quickly to Windows 10, today we’re releasing Windows Upgrade Analytics, a free service that helps IT easily analyze their environment and upgrade to Windows 10.

Upgrade Analytics works by gathering data about installed hardware and software across devices, analyzing the data and providing a snapshot that identifies app compatibility, device and driver readiness and suggested remediation so customers can quickly take action for faster deployments. More than 500 customers have been piloting the service, including The Daimler Group and Ryder Systems Inc.

New Windows 10 and Office 365 Features for the Secure Productive Enterprise

Additional features include Site Discovery, which lists an inventory of web sites used on an organization’s network that are running Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 to help prioritize web application testing prior to upgrading. The Ready for Windows web site lists software solutions that are supported on Windows 10 and by using Upgrade Analytics, IT can see adoption and vendor support status for applications in use across their enterprise.

With advanced security, all new deployment tools, and purchasing options with the Secure Productive Enterprise, it’s a great time for enterprises to deploy Windows 10. Some of the customers joining us at Ignite include Crystal Group of Companies, a leading garment manufacturer who uses Windows 10 and the Microsoft cloud to improve clothing design concepts for customers like Victoria’s Secret to rapidly increase delivery time to days, compared to months; and Hendrick Motorsports, who uses WDATP to protect their employees while mobile, some as much as 40 weeks per year.

We are excited by the momentum we’re seeing for Windows 10 and look forward to helping more businesses digitally transform.